Steak with Summer Squash and Pine Nuts

Serving Size: 4 servings


1 1/2 pounds flank steak, marinated in your choice of marinade or not at all, works either way
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/4 cup pine nuts
2 cloves sliced garlic
1 pound summer squash (about 2), diced
1 red bell pepper, diced
1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper
2 tablespoons chopped fresh chives


1. Heat grill or broiler to high. Season steak with salt and pepper and grill or broil to desired done-ness, 4-5 minutes per side for medium rare. Let rest 5 minutes before slicing. I am not kidding about the resting.
2. Heat the oil, pine-nuts and garlic in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Cook, stirring, until the mixture is golden, 1-2 minutes.
3. Add the squash, bell pepper, red pepper and 1/2 teaspoon salt and cook, stirring often, until the veggies are tender, 4 to 5 minutes. Sprinkle with chives.
4. Slice steak and serve with squash mixture. Sneak any leftovers to the dog.

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